Sutherland Engineering

little LOCO Mk2

NEW Mk2–good to go. The transimpedance input stage has been improved. The shell of the RCA input jack is now at ground level. There are now no special requirements or concerns for signal interconnection to the turntable. Glad to say all those awkward and confusing discussions are out of the picture.
– Ron Sutherland


You may have noticed a new kind of phono preamp design on the market—usually referred to as ‘current input’. Until recently, this approach has been very much in the background. But, listeners and reviewers are now giving it some serious consideration. And many love what they hear.

The Sutherland little LOCO is my realization of this approach. From the first moments of listening, the musicality is stunning—spacious, effortless & full.


Retail Price: $3,800


Sutherland little LOCO Mk2 Owner’s Manual