Sutherland Engineering


    little LOCO

    The Sutherland little LOCO is my realization of this approach. From the first moments of listening, the musicality is stunning—spacious, effortless & full.

    PhonoBlock refined

    The performance of the PhonoBlock has been refined and improved. Its classic, understated design is still there — even more so.


    The new MCX Phono Preamp optimizes the inclusion of moving coil step transformers in vinyl playback.


    The new Argentum Phono Preamp delivers the advantages of a silver signal path.


    For the best in battery powered phono preamps – the best choice is Hubble. It is a much improved derivative of the classic PHD. It takes PHD performance to a higher level with updated circuitry, new timer control of power and improved battery holders.


    Is your turntable rotating at the correct speed? The laser timing marks projected from the Timeline will tell you – precisely.


    As we surge ahead, focused on the latest breakthrough, it is easy to lose sight of prior art. The N1 design reaches back to incorporate the latest technology of 1955. That would be the Nixie tube, the first numeric display. The design then moves forward to mine other historical treasures.


    The PH3D is a high-value example of high-end performance. There are no frills – nothing fancy. The parts budget all goes towards putting really good parts into the signal path. Those quality parts, combined with refined circuitry have given much listening pleasure to its happy owners.


    The Phono Blocks are the cost-no-object place to be. They are destination level – it just doesn’t get any better.

    Line Blocks

    The Line Blocks are mono line-level preamps – two of them for stereo. You can carry the advantages of true mono construction all thru every element of your system (that is, everything but the cartridge!).