Sutherland Engineering

PhonoBlock refined

The performance of the PhonoBlock has been refined and improved. Its classic, understated design is still there — even more so.


The PhonoBlock was introduced almost 10 years ago. It performs beautifully and continues to please music lovers all over the world.

Then came an opportunity to make it even better.

The circuit remains essentially the same. Improvements focused on providing a better environment to more fully realize its potential.

The PhonoBlock refinements are derived from the Argentum design. The much more expensive Argentum is an all–out, hand-wired, silver–signal path version of the classic PhonoBlock. Turns out, the same extremely disciplined short signal path layout could be used to refine the classic PhonoBlock audio board.


Retail Price: $10,000


Sutherland PhonoBlock refined Owner’s Manual