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Dos Locos Performance Realized

Chad LaFever, Ron Sutherland and Abby LaFever handing the Dos Locos over to Kenny Johnson Photography

Dos Locos Performance Realized

The journey to create the DOS LOCOS is a story of collaboration and discovery, highlighting the process as much as the outcome.

Born from the innovative spirit of the Phono Loco, with its pioneering all-transimpedance approach, the DOS LOCOS stands as a significant advancement in Ron Sutherland’s artistry.

For the first time, he teamed with trusted, passionate experts to add an ear-approved essence to his already proven approach to elegant circuitry.

Sutherland and team patiently experimented with combinations of parts and processes until they happily arrived at the moment where the music left everyone speechless. Only then did the DOS LOCOS arrive.

Everything that made the PHONO LOCO such a landmark piece — its no-compromises approach with no concession or allowance for anything that clutters the signal path — is refined to the point of pure musicality with the dual-mono DOS LOCOS.

Is it twice as crazy good, as the name might suggest? At least!

Close up, extensive DC Filter, EQ and Transimpedance boards
Close up, Linear Power Supply and Power Bridge

This phono preamp isn’t about specs and stats. Nor is it about announcing Sutherland’s genius. It’s about a group of likeminded music lovers relentlessly pursuing a sound that, before now, only existed in their imaginations.

There is no explaining the DOS LOCOS — not in the technobabble way normally used to sell audio components. By their own admission, Team Sutherland “moved into” something that goes well beyond technical description.

Their journey didn’t center around a test bench but rather the sweet spot of their listening room. The decision tree throughout the entire project revolved around one simple question:

Performance Realized?

DOS LOCOS in silver finish

Sutherland’s approach to audio engineering is disciplined and values-driven, focusing on high-quality, reliable components without succumbing to the temptation of adding unnecessary complexity. Our minimalist design ensures a signal path of unparalleled purity, letting nothing stand between you and the music.

The brilliance of this design isn’t in how many parts are added to the signal path but rather how few.

But those things have always been hallmarks of Sutherland Engineering. The DOS LOCOS is at a new level. It adds an indescribable mysticism that simply must be heard to understand.

DOS LOCOS Pair - One for Each Channel

Transparent Power

Be warned. Even if you fully grasp how significantly a phono preamp affects the sound of your vinyl playback, you’re not prepared for this.

Integrating the DOS LOCOS into your system isn’t just enhancing your setup; it’s revolutionizing it.

Beta listeners have reported a transformative experience, with the DOS LOCOS revealing fine details and clarity in recordings that were previously obscured, all with effortless power and not a hint of harshness.

Available in Silver or Black


The quietest I’ve ever heard in my system. Best money ever spent. Incredible dynamics.

John H.


DOS LOCOS gives music focus, provides a rich sound stage with increased depth. It reduced the noise floor, separated the players. It puts them in the room.

Dick T.



My system is amazing with DOS LOCOS. It’s getting better and better every day. I can’t believe this is happening in MY living room. I don’t know when it stops getting better. It just continues to amaze. Every time I come into the room. Emotion overload.

Paul V.


It’s quite amazing just how much more you get above the Little Loco. It’s more open, more depth and width and more detail. The thing that really struck me is how it provides all this without loosing warmth. Vocals are bang in the centre and the speakers are gone. It’s really outstanding.

Stephen in Scotland


I heard your DOS LOCOS at Stephen’s the other day. It was truly an out of this world experience. It was as if it was not amplified. He played an old blue eyes track and he was in the room. Will be saving up for one.

Leslie in Scotland


The sound is so beautiful. They are in the room. Spectator to a special event brought home. So real so powerful. So out of the way. This thing blows the top off of expectations.

H. P.


Priced at $9,800, the DOS LOCOS represents not just a financial investment but a commitment to experiencing music as if it were alive. It embodies Sutherland’s core values — simplicity, elegance and purity.

This is your invitation to listen — to truly listen — and to be moved.

Specs & Notes


Use only low output MC, less than 20 Ohms internal resistance. Not MM, nor high output MC.


Internally adjustable to HIGH, MED or LOW. Transimpedance gain cannot be expressed in dB. There is plenty of gain for very low output MC cartridges. Even with the lowest output MC, back ground noise vanishes.

Stereo Application

Use a DOS LOCOs pair for stereo. See owner's manual for details.

Mono Application

Use a single DOS LOCOS for optimal performance with your MONO cartridge. See owner’s manual for details


$9,800 (pair), $4,900 (single)


Silver with Amber LED OR Black with Blue LED

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