Sutherland Engineering


    LPS for 20/20

    The LPS is incredibly effective. It is also straight forward in it’s simplicity. Rock solid in performance, stability and reliability. Nothing fussy about it.

    little LOCO

    The Sutherland little LOCO is my realization of this approach. From the first moments of listening, the musicality is stunning—spacious, effortless & full.

    TZ Vibe

    Sutherland has the advantage of many model designs over the years. Every so often there is an opportunity to do some ‘design splicing’. All of that valuable knowledge and experience is combined into the TZ VIBE.


    There comes a tipping point of accumulated knowledge that insists upon a new product. Insight gained from the design of preceding phono preamps opened up a new possibility. Pride of ownership and sublime performance – way beyond its modest price.